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the peace of mind company.

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All future generations of people

Say you're hit by a bus tomorrow...

This is the just in case situation we’re entirely devoted to helping our users get peace of mind about.

We exist because the process of planning for the unexpected should be simpler, more in phase with our digital lives, and perhaps more importantly, designed to support our loved ones when they need it the most.

If we’re so passionate about it, it’s because we believe everyone and their families benefits from having a clear and up-to-date plan, regardless of their age, health or wealth.

In just a few minutes, Posterity allows someone with no prior knowledge of estate or emergency planning to create legally binding arrangements to cover all the essentials, on their own, without an attorney, and from the comfort of their home. Their loved ones are kept informed as changes are made, and know exactly where all the most recent documents and details will be if something happens.

And the end of the day, we have built the product we always wanted and feel comfortable leaving our families with. I hope you’ll consider it for your peace of mind and your family’s.

Mohamed Attahri,
Founder and CEO,
March 2022.

Signed by Mohamed Attahri

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