1. Get things done from the afterlife.

    Create automations Posterity can trigger if something happens to you.

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If dead, then that.

Connect your Posterity account to IFTTT to trigger any applet in the event something happens to you.

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Automate your afterlife.

Whether it’s to send a message, control your privacy or reveal a secret, the possibilities are endless.


Rely on a signal you can trust

Automations are only triggered if a death is confirmed and verified by our team, and the cooldown period configured on the account expires.


Use IFTTT, or bring your own code.

Create automations with no code using IFTTT’s vast collection of integrations, or build your own using webhooks (coming soon).


How Posterity makes everything go according to plan.

Death certificates are manually and independently verified by our team before your plan is put in motion.

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Plan for the unexpected.
No attorney needed.

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    Start a plan.

    Create a plan covering all the basics in 5 minutes or less. No need to be an expert, Posterity will walk you through everything in plain english.

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    Make it official.

    Print and sign the the legal will generated for you to make your plan legally binding. You'll get a new one every time you make a change.

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    Loop everyone in.

    Invite your family and friends to share the roles and arrangements you'd want them to see if something happens to you.

Free 15-day trial, then $29.99/year.

  • Support for a growing list of topics
  • Unlimited sharing with family & friends
  • Unlimited automations
  • Legal documents for all 50 states
  • Manual verification of death certificate
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All the details

What's a webhook?

A Webhook is a notification sent by a server to another when some event occurs.

With Posterity, webhooks can be used to trigger any automation in the event something happens to you.

What events are supported?

For the time being, Posterity supports two kinds of events:

  • Deceased, triggered if you pass away and after we’ve made all necessary verifications;
  • Reported as dead, triggered if one of your trusted contacts reports you as dead, but before we’ve been able to verify it.

When will webhooks be supported?

We’re launching support for webhooks in December 2022.

In the meantime, you can use IFTTT applets with Posterity as a trigger.

What is IFTTT?

IFTTT is an automation platform that allows you to create automated tasks called applets without writing code.

Posterity can trigger any Applet on IFTTT if something happens to you.