Announcing Posterity's crypto recovery solution

We're announcing an upcoming solution to help you ensure your family can access your crypto in the event something happens to you.


I’m very excited to announce the upcoming release of our crypto recovery plan feature.

Posterity exists because we believe everyone should have a plan in place in the event something happens to them. Making sure our crypto assets are recoverable by our loved ones fits perfectly into that mission.

At the heart of what we do is give our users peace of mind, so we went and interviewed dozens of people from all walks of life to understand what that meant for them with regards to their crypto assets. We learned that almost universally, three things matter more than anything else:

  1. Preserve the anonymity and privacy of the owner;
  2. Guarantee death as a pre-condition for a recovery process to start;
  3. Assist family members who may not be as well versed in crypto investments as the owner.

The solution we came up with does just that. We imagined it from the ground up for simplicity, and anchored it in the same security and cryptography standards that gave birth to the assets we’re striving to protect.

As more and more of the things we own and value become crypto-native, we’re convinced that helping people and their loved ones feel safer about the crypto assets they own is an important step towards wider adoption of the technologies so many of us believe in.

The level of energy in the community is truly inspiring and frankly unlike anything I’ve personally ever seen. We hope our modest contribution can help sustain it.

We can’t wait to hear from you all.

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