Meet Triforce: a recovery kit for your crypto seed phrase

Triforce helps you create a multi-sig backup of your crypto seed phrase without having to remember another secret.


Last week, we announced our upcoming crypto recovery solution, designed to help your family recover your crypto assets in the event something happens to you.

Today, we’re releasing Triforce, a free and standalone tool to help you recover your seed phrase in the event you lose or forget it.

It’s a convenient solution to a real problem many of us have. We want to be safe and create a backup of our seed phrase, just in case. But to be secure, every backup must be encrypted with another passphrase, which in turns needs to be encrypted with yet another long string of words, which by itself needs to be backed-up, etc

Triforce helps you safely rely on a friends and family to create an encrypted backup without having to remember any new secrets.

The way it works is simple. It encrypts your seed phrase, and generates three recovery keys to give to friends and family. Should you lose or forget your seed phrase, you can recover it by retrieving any two of the three recovery keys from your friends.

Recovery Key PDF
Example of a recovery key generated by Triforce.

Triforce uses standard and proven cryptography, and runs entirely on your device without ever sharing any information with us or anyone else for that matter.

It’s early, but your feedback is really important to us. Let us know what you think we should improve, by joining on Twitter or Discord.

Check it out.

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