Introducing Posterity Passwords

Introducing passwords, the safest way to pass on critical passwords to our loved ones if something happens to us.


Today, we’re launching Passwords, a simple and safe way to make sure our loved ones can access essential passwords in the event something happens to us.

Attempting to solve this problem with a piece of paper or with a file stored in the cloud often turns out to be more complicated than expected.

First, there’s the serious security risks involved with leaving critical passwords exposed in an unencrypted format for anyone to see.

Second, there’s the difficultly of choosing the right place to leave such information, and the need to find the right balance between secure and accessible to those we made it for in the first place. Alan turning, the father of modern cryptography, famously lost his life savings because he couldn’t break a code of his own making.

Third, there are privacy concerns which are hard to address when we can’t easily control when a given secret should be made available to our families.

These issues are precisely what we tried to address with Passwords.

We made it safe by designing it with end-to-end encryption. Every password is encrypted so it cannot be decrypted by anyone other than its owner and its recipient. In fact, Posterity itself is never in a position to see its content, and neither would an attacker if our infrastructure is ever compromised.

We made it accessible by your loved ones by integrating it natively with the rest of Posterity, the home of your plan and the one place your loved ones need to know about in the event of an emergency.

We made it privacy-friendly by subjecting the release of your passwords to the same rigorous verification process we perform before putting your plan in action. This means that everything remains encrypted and hidden from your recipient unless something happens to you and we can formally verify it.

As one of our most requested features, Passwords joins the growing list of solutions we’re offering to help our users plan for the unexpected, just in case.

I hope it contributes to your peace of mind.

Stay safe out there,

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