1. How Posterity makes everything go according to plan.

    Before a plan is set in motion, Posterity takes several steps to confirm the death of its owner.


Safe for you,
Simple for your loved ones.

It starts with a trusted contact.

We rely on a user’s circle of trusted contacts to let us know if something happened to them. It can be anyone they invited or nominated for a role on their account.


A death certificate is required.

To file a report, a trusted contact must upload a death certificate or a certified copy, as well as a valid ID with a name matching the contact information left by the deceased.


We verify the documents and kick off the cooldown period.

After initial verifications, some practical details such as the contact information of the chosen legal representative are released within 24 hours, while the rest remains under lock-down until the cooldown period chosen by the user expires.


The plan goes into action.

After the cooldown period expires, Posterity follows the instructions left by the user to the letter: automations are triggered, users with with scheduled sharing (share later) are notified, Crypto Vault keyholders are informed that they recovery keys are now active.


All the details

Who can report my death?

For Posterity, your death can be reported by your trusted contacts; they are the people you have shared things with, and have created an account to to be able to view them.

Your trusted contacts can create an account for free. They only need a subscription if they decide to use their account to create their own plan.

What's a cooldown period?

A cooldown is a period of time during which your account remains in lock-down even though all the verifications and confirmations have been made.

They improve your safety, and give your loved ones time to coordinate and get up to speed on things before the details stored in Posterity are revealed to anyone.

The cooldown period starts on the day we have confirmed the passing.

Crypto Vaults on Posterity have a separate cooldown period which serves the same purpose, but can be configured to be longer that the one attached to the account.

What details are revealed immediately?

When a death is reported and before it is verified, Posterity reveals details which could be useful to the loved ones in the immediacy.


  • The name and contact information of the legal representative;
  • The funeral wishes;
  • The name of any pets, so they made be cared for.

All the other information remains locked until all the verifications have been made.