Meet Triforce.

A free tool to make a multi-sig backup of your seed phrase.


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What is Triforce?

Triforce is a free tool from Posterity to create a multi-sig backup of the seed phrase used to secure your crypto assets.

It helps you create a Recovery Kit that consists of an encrypted backup for you to hold on to, and three recovery keys for your closest friends and family to keep for you.

If you ever lose or forget your seed phrase, you can ask two of your friends and family to give back the recovery keys and use them to decrypt the backup you kept.

Triforce is:

  • Free to use;
  • Requires no login;
  • Uses state-of-the-art cryptography;
  • Runs 100% on your device;
  • Shares zero information with our servers.

Who is it for?

Tri-force is for users of non-custodial wallets who would like to create a secure backup of their seed phrase that does not involve the need to remember long strings of secret words.

This is particularly the case for users of software wallets such as MetaMask.

How does it work?

Triforce creates a zip file called a Recovery Kit (sample). Inside it, you’ll find:

  • Instructions for you;
  • An encrypted backup of your seed phrase;
  • Three PDF documents representing recovery keys to give to three different friends and loved ones.

Keep the seed phrase somewhere safe (e.g. cloud storage, USB flash drive, etc.), and give the recovery keys to three of your friends or loved ones.

Only a person holding both the encrypted backup of the seed phrase and two out of the three recovery keys can decrypt it.

Triforce uses standard and proven cryptography:

  • AES-GCM-256 for encryption;
  • PBKDF2-HMAC-256 for key derivation;
  • BIP39 for mnemonic phrase computation.

How does recovery work?

To use your Recovery Kit:

  1. Locate your encrypted backup;
  2. Retrieve a pair of recovery keys from your friends and family;
  3. Go to the app and follow the instructions.

How does it compare to Posterity?

Posterity’s Crypto Recovery is designed to help your family recover your crypto if you’re no longer here, proven by the formal verification of your death.

Triforce is designed to help you recover your own seed phrase in the event you lose or forget it.

Both tools serve different purposes, but are well aligned with what we’re all about: helping you put a plan in place, just in case.